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About This Area

We are located in place that it is only a 3-minute walk away from the beach.
You can also see beautiful Matsushima everyday, and that scenery is called Omote Matsushima.

This area is called Takayama. Takayama is one of the three biggest summer village for foreigners in Japan. One is Karuizawa, the other is Lake Nosiri, both of them are in Nagano prefecture.
People call "Sea of Takayama", "Mountain of Karuizawa", and "Lake of Nojiri." The climate here is relatively mild. Therefore, we do not use an air-conditioner even we have it.

This is a place to stay relaxed, and a place to enjoy marine sports. So that, please be noted that this is not an urban area, if you want to stay in an urban area you'd better go to Sendai in this area, everywhere is not like Tokyo in Japan.

I really enjoy surfing life here along the coast line. As our accommodation is located in the coast line, someone may think that it may be dangerous when we have earthquake. But this accommodation is located at the top of a small hill along the very steep slope, so this place is assigned as a temporary evacuation site by this town called Shichigahama.


Tips from Us

Please be very careful in the names of JR lines around this area. You may see four or even more names of JR lines.

JR Senseki Line

This line conects a little urban area SENDAI to the amazing city called Ishinomaki which is famous for Manga road (There are many statues of Ishinomori's characters such as Kamen Rider and Cyborg 009). FOR OUR PICK UP SERVICE, please take this line and come to JR Tagajyo station, or Geba station. There are starbucks coffee in JR Tagajyo station. Tagajyo station will be better on weekdays. I prefer JR Geba station on weekends on the other hand.

You can also take this train to JR Matsushima kaigan station and Ishinomaki station. We have over 260 islands around this area, if you want to take sight seeing boat trip around these islands, you take JR matsushima kaigan station.

If you want to visit cat island, take Ishinomaki station. And find someone there. USUALLY there are someone with big bags who visits the island Called Tashirojima. Take taxi together there. It works.

JR Senzan Line

 This line conects Sendai to Yamagata. If you want to enjoy hiking in Yamadera, its an old temple in Yamagata pref., take this line from Sendai station to Yamadera station.


 This line conects Shirakawa in FUKUSHIMA and Morioka in IWATE.
I have never used this line, but it is faster than trains in JR SENSEKI LINE. There is a station called JR Shiogama station and KOKUFU Tagajyo in this line, which are sometimes confusing because we have HOSHIOGAMA STATION and TAGAJYO STATION in JR SENSEKI LINE.

Abukuma Kyuko Line


The Cheapest Way To Travel Japan

JR pass is the cheapest way maybe, but it is sometimes hard to travel by trains. I have several guests so far who took FRERY from Sendai international port to Nagoya international port, or Sendai international port to Tomakomai in Hokkaido. It is also cheap, and we usually take this when i go back to Hokkaido. You can also bring your rental-car on board. Be careful in the season of typhoon, it sometimes cancel the cruse.